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FAQ - Los Angeles Refinery Safety Orientation (LARSO)

Q. How do I register for the RSO Training Class?
A. Companies that have an active account with ASAP/OSCA may register their employees online at www.osca.com using their unique log in and password/pin code. Students may also pre-register in person at 455 East Carson Plaza Drive, Carson, CA. 90746 with a $43.00 money order (made payable to OSCA) and valid government issued ID.

Q. How can an employer establish an account with OSCA?
A. An authorized employer representative may call (562) 624-2720 and ask for client services or go online at www.osca.com for sign up forms.

Q. Can students be registered for RSO training and/or testing over the phone?
A. OSCA does not accept verbal registrations. Only on line or faxed registrations are accepted from companies with an established OSCA/ASAP account. Self-paying students must register in person at 455 East Carson Plaza Drive, Carson, CA. 90746.

Q. Where are the RSO training classes held?
A. The primary location for RSO training is 455 E. Carson Plaza Drive, Carson, CA. 90746. Please make sure you arrive at the correct location 30 minutes prior to scheduled class time. The location will be printed on the on line confirmation/receipt.

Q. On the day of the scheduled RSO training class, are students permitted to attend the RSO class without pre-registration?
A. All students must be pre-registered to be guaranteed a seat in the class. Walk-in students will not be permitted to attend classes. Classes get filled quickly especially during refinery turnaround times.

Q. What am I required to bring to the RSO class?
A. All students must bring a valid and current state ID/driver's license (not expired) or other government issued ID (green card, passport, etc). Pen and paper for note- taking is optional. Self-paying students may bring in their copy of the receipt. This will help in case of any discrepancies.

Q. If my ID has expired, can I still take the training?
A. Yes, if the ID expiration date does not exceed 30 days. For ID expiring within 6 months, you must bring the expired ID with a VALID DMV printout verifying the renewal. OSCA will not accept ID's or DMV printouts exceeding 6 months.

Q. What time does the RSO training class begin and how long is the training?
A. Please refer to the on-line scheduling for the dates/times of the class @ www.osca.com. Students should be prepared to be in class for 5-6 hours (including the time taken to complete the test.)

Q. What time should I check in for the training?
A. You must check in 30 minutes prior to the class scheduled time.

Q. Does OSCA schedule additional RSO classes during refinery shut downs and turnarounds?
A. During turnarounds/shut downs, OSCA will schedule additional classes to accommodate contractors upon written request and as often as needed.

Q. How can I cancel a registration?
A. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the class schedule date/time (not including weekends) in order to receive a full refund. This can be accomplished on line (by OSCA/ASAP members) @ www.osca.com or in person (for self-paying students). All cancellations not meeting the 24 hour requirement will result in full forfeiture of the training/testing fee.

Q. How do I schedule a RSO class outside of the scheduled classes?
A. Call the training department at (562) 624-2720, to make any necessary arrangements for extra/special RSO classes.

Q. Is there a test after the RSO training, and if so, how many questions are there on the test?
A. Yes, there is a test with 30 multiple choice questions.

Q. What is the passing score to obtain a RSO card? Am I permitted to retest if I do not pass on my first attempt?
A. Students must score 80% or greater to pass. If you score between 67%- 79%, you may retake the test one more time without charge. If you do not pass the second time you need to re-register and pay the full fee for the next available training class. Anytime a score of 66% or less is obtained, you are ineligible to retest, and must re-register and pay the full fee for the next available training class.

Q. When will I receive my RSO card?
A. Students who pass the test will receive an OSCA Badge with the RSO Training expiration date on the back, once they complete the training.

Q. Do you provide job placements?
A. No, OSCA provides safety training classes, not job placements.

Q. How do I replace a lost RSO card?
A. OSCA charges $5 for a replacement card. Students must bring in a valid government issued ID and a money order made payable to OSCA for $5.00.

Q. Can my employer pay for my replacement RSO card?
A. Yes, as long as the Designated Employer Representative (DER) authorizes payment in writing, on company letterhead and faxes this authorization to OSCA or emails notification directly to OSCA.

Q. How do I renew my RSO card?
A. For the renewal of the RSO card, you can take a Computer Based Refresher, if the expiration date of the course does not exceed 30 days. The DER may register an employee on line or fax a signed registration form to OSCA. Students may register in person to take the test. The $25.00 must be paid with a money order made payable to OSCA or by credit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted).

Q. When can I take the written test to renew my RSO card?
A. Written tests are scheduled Monday-Friday - 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., & 4 p.m.

Q. Can I ask my supervisor to sign and fax the registration form to OSCA?
A. Only a DER is authorized to sign RSO registration forms. If your supervisor is not a DER, his/her signed authorization will not be processed. OSCA will call the DER to request a valid registration form with a DER's signature or the DER may register students on line at www.osca.com.

Q. Do you offer offsite RSO classes?
A. Yes. OSCA is capable of providing the RSO training and testing offsite 7 days a week. The DER must call the training department at (562) 624-2720 to make the necessary arrangements at least 2 business days prior to the class.

Q. When will I get an invoice for the training/testing?
A. Invoices are sent to OSCA/ASAP members on a weekly basis.
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