Los Angeles Clean Card (LACC)

The LACC Policy was established in 1994 by the refinery owners in the Los Angeles basin to provide a standardized program for drug and alcohol testing for contractor employees working at participating owner sites. Their goal, through the establishment of the policy, was to eliminate the testing redundancies and costs associated with having multiple substance abuse policies for employees transferred from contractor-to-contractor and owner-to-owner sites.

In 1999, OSCA/ASAP was selected to be the exclusive Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the LACC policy. With more than 60,000 employees in this database, and with over 1000 contractor members, the LACC consortium is one of the largest consortiums in the nation. The LACC policy has been accepted across the country by many of the largest petrochemical plant owners.

Participating Refinery Members

  • BP-Carson Business Unit, Carson, California
  • BP-Cherry Point, Bellingham, Washington
  • Chevron-El Segundo, California
  • ConocoPhillips-Wilmington/Carson, California
  • ExxonMobil-Torrance, California
  • Paramount Petroleum- Paramount, California
  • Tesoro Refining Co.- Wilmington, California
  • Valero-Wilmington, California

Managing the refinery safety training programs is OSCA's specialty. List of the LACC board members.